Care Well Medical Pharmaceutical Supplies was founded in 2002 as an occupational health and related disciplines company. The core business is to render occupational health and wellness services and supply medical products to public and private companies. We aim to assist clients to comply with legislation governing occupational health. Care Well is a 100% female owned company




  • to become a role player in this highly regulated field
  • to maintain growth and exceed our customers' expectations
  • to train and develop our staff and also train the youth as technicians in occupational health




Care Well will provide comprehensive occupational health and wellness services whilst promoting compliance and adhering to legislation




  • to ensure that the individual's health status does not place the health of that employee or of other employees at risk and to regularly monitor employees' state of health so as to prevent the onset of occupational diseases
  • to detect occupational diseases at an early stage. This early identification process allows interventions that have excellent outcomes and to comply with requirements of the Occupational health and Safety Act and its regulations


Supplies and Services


Occupational Health services


  • spirometry
  • vision screening using vision machines
  • disability and sick absenteeism management
  • hazard identification and health risk assessment 
  • audiometry including compliance with Instruction 171
  • medical surveillance programmes based on Health Risk Assessments
  • medical examinations - Pre-placement, periodic, post incident and exit


Primary health care services


  • drug testing
  • arrangement of wellness days
  • HIV/AIDS testing (includes pre and post counselling)


Medical supplies


  • first aid boxes
  • medical products
  • first aid box refills
  • personal protective clothing